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Questions & Answers

Where in South Dakota do you serve your cotton candy?

We are based in Rapid City, but serve the entire Black Hills Area.

Generally, if your event is more than 45 minutes away, we apply a travel fee.

How much space do you need to operate in?

We need a 4'x7' space to operate in.  4'x7' fits our cart, spinning artist, and basic decorations.  If we are to use our more extensive decorations, we ask for a 8'x6' space.

Do you prefer to operate indoors or outdoors?

We prefer to operate outdoors, but we can be indoors in an area with lots of ventilation.

Do you require services on-site?

Yes! We need to have access to power and , if the event is on an upper lever, elevator access.

How much time to you need to set up and take down?

We need to be at the location of your event 30 minutes prior to its start time, and we need about 20 minutes to close down and head out!

(If we are using more extensive decor, we will need and extra 15-ish minutes for both setting up and taking down.)

How far in advance should I book your adorable Sweet Fluff services?

Awe, yayyyy! We're so excited about your event!

We recommend booking 2-4 months in advance. 

Contract and Payment?

We will email you the contract. You sign it and either email or snail-mail it back to us. We accept cash, check, and Paypal (+3%) as payment.

We require a $100 deposit to reserve your date,

and full payment prior to your event. 

What decorations do you offer?

We have a quite a variety of banners (tassels, triangles, pom-poms!), greenery, and flowers.  We also have a chalkboard and snazzy letterboard for flavors and little happy notes. 

What can be customized?

Our flavors, toppings, and decorations can be customized for your unique event. We have beautiful decoration in most color schemes, but if we don't have your color(s) we are totally up for working with you and figuring something out!

Will Sweet Fluff work with my wedding planners or wedding vendors?

Yes, absolutely!

We will work with your event planner, wedding planner, vendors, and location.

We know you are busy preparing for your event, so all you have to do is put us in contact with them and we will take care of the rest!

What in the world is a "wafer paper topper"?

Wafer paper is a paper made out of rice flower. The wafer and the ink are 100% edible! Our wafers don't taste like anything, but they sure are adorable.

We can customize our wafer paper toppers in shape and  design!

(Examples: a circle wafer disc saying "Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 2018", or a colorful wafer butterfly perched atop a sweet fluff.)

Have another question? We would love to answer it!

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