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About Us

Sweet Fluff is owned and operated by Brita Craven and assisted by the creative spinning genius Finely Craven. Sweet Fluff was originally created as a high school senior project with our older daughter Avery Craven. We began as a mother-daughter team with a love of natural beauty, and a passion for making special moments extra special. After Avery went on to college in California, we carried on as a family. Finley is the newest collaborator, making our systems more efficient and helping take organic cotton candy to the next level.  We are on a mission to make the world, and every event, a little bit sweeter! This is our third year fluffing it up in the Black Hills and we LOVE it! 

We spin up all natural organic cotton candy fluffs and top them off with our delightful Add-Ons.

The natural colors of our organic cotton candy fluffs, extraordinary Add-Ons, custom cart decorations, and joyful spin artists fill each event with sweetness and joy.

(Quite literally!)

We love making things beautiful, and love to be wildly creative. With our artisanal cotton candy, the creative possibilities are endless!


Imagine, Sweet Fluffs served from our adorable cart, adorned with custom toppings such as fresh edible flowers or personalized wafer discs... These create a fresh and elegant feel to any gathering.

But, why stop there?

Have us embellish each wine glass with artisanal fluffs; not only adding beauty, but a tasteful surprise! The Sweet Fluff experience can definitely make your event unique and unforgettable. 

We consider it a true joy and privilege to be a part of making your occasion extra sweet, one of a kind, and unforgettable!

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